Vacantfield - Lachesis

from by Awe / Vacantfield / End



Κῆρες γὰρ αἱ θανατηφόροι μοῖραι.

What necessity brought me these

Those linear species of human deeds,

What knuckle dreams those vermin's dream

In obscene chords that lie beneath?

Shall I measure the thread of life 

With my spinal rod?

Shall I bless you with plague?

And at equal intervals
In each of the thrones,

Shall I bless you with words

That you'll envy their meaning?

It begins another season 

That end will be death.

Would you not choose the daemon,

Drawn first?

Virtue is not dominated

The contempt will show...

Harvester risen

Lachesis risen

Universe is the shaft

Harvester risen

Lachesis risen

The reason is corrupted, 

World without end

World without end

Chaos craft 
In the first glowing light

Logos provoked this madness

This temple of sodom in collateral needs

Past present and future flow

As soil aerated, 

For fire came breathing


Thousand sparks stride among you

And bear the thought,

Of life's uncertain decree

For her words,

Snare she shuns

Of those with humble harmonies

Spin again and again

The weft is large,

And bliss for fortune dreamers?

It looked so dim and dull

And the cracked muse,

Stares till set of sun

When dawns the light uncertain...

Revealed will be,

And I shall answer...

The lanterns...

Those valorous puppets... 

"Like dust of stars show no more"

A cynic piece
In a rotten needle

Lachesis risen


from Moerae, released March 25, 2015
MXT : Guitars, Synths, Effects
Domu : Vocals
Draenzarth : Bass
Maelstrom : Drums
Edrha : Effects, Vocals
All music by MXT
Lyrics by Edrha
Mixed by Tom Kvålsvoll at Kvålsonic Lab



all rights reserved


Awe / Vacantfield / End Athens, Greece

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