End - Atropos

from by Awe / Vacantfield / End



Eternally swirls the thread

Growing and weaving

Cutting and killing

Anaplasia of all energy 

Genesis till cremation

That spawns through chaos

And the copulation of Nyx

When time takes shape

And reaches human grounds

The thread takes form and coils

In the worm womb of creation

Flirting with danger

Flirting with collapse

And the razors of transition

The hub pushes with all power 

The continuum of life unfolds

And passes the thread

To where it must go

Process, formation, demiurge

And here you lay before the earth

Invoked to live a life till death

Never asking why 

Staring at the sandglass till you die


By the worn will 

By the tainted living

By the torn souls

And the wasted minds

No gift should be abused

This thin spine of cloth needs to be cut

Latter end

By the time that ends

And the melting flesh 

Deprive what is given

The peak of fear

The undesirable

Softens your subconscious

With the sharp pain of loss

And the wasted time

No longer can be used

This thin spine of cloth needs to be cut

Suddenly, she appears

And sharp is she

Like the teeth of the round serpent


She cuts the thread of life

Riveting and unexpected...

Tidal screams

In a moment

Time becomes a moment

In instant delirium

And as all chains rattle

To enslave the sun

To illuminate the spirit

They call you death

And i call you

The beginning

Between the scissors

The sharp teeth and the tail

Souls she unbind


Between the scissors 

The share is always fair

Daughter of night


They call you death

And i call you Atropos

The beginning


from Moerae, released March 25, 2015
Aaron Carey : Vocals
Draenzarth : Guitars, Bass, Synths, Vocals
Maelstrom : Drums
All music & lyrics by Draenzarth
Aaron recorded by Andrew D' Cagna at Sacred Sound Studio (OH) Maelstrom recorded by John T. at Moth Studio (GR)
Mixed at Moth Studio (www.mothstudio.com)



all rights reserved


Awe / Vacantfield / End Athens, Greece

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