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"Moerae" are the incarnations of destiny. These three archetypical entities coexist as one at the same time as separate rulers of mortality, creating, spinning, disposing and cutting the thread of life.
They hold the balance into the natural circle of eternal laws.

50 minutes of music divided in three songs, one from each band, one for each fate.


AWE: aweprovidentia.bandcamp.com


VACANTFIELD: dleiftnacav.bandcamp.com


END: endaequitas.bandcamp.com






released March 25, 2015

"Moerae" mastered by V. Santura at Woodshed Studio (GER)
Cover and gatefold paintings by Vamon VII
"Moerae" Sigil design by Vamperess Imperium of Sitra Ahra Arts
Layout by Draenzarth



all rights reserved


Awe / Vacantfield / End Athens, Greece

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Track Name: Awe - Clotho
(Act One: Κnow Her) - The Phenomenon

Robed in white, whom Erebus begot on Night
Laugh at Her, make Her drunk
Saving oneself, salvation needs the Omega

The puppeteer asks for Her to play … no one moves the feet of Fates

The woven hands Are named … how fool a god can be

The Fates being adorned by Thee … darkness enlighten the skies and She

Confront this view, it will always be

Triple fold Her voice unfold
Listen listen listen and be

Of all the fools, who’s spread upon thee?
With love or hate, no god command thee
Of all the wise, who’s spread upon thee?
With love or hate, men command thee

Virgin, mysterious, would loved to be a whore

Beautiful, moonfaced, paled She was born
Maria, Mania, Lamia
The children of Them recall
The prophets protest and lo!

Love them, feed them, love them, feed them…
The children of Her adore
A prophet wasn’t before
Hate him, kill him, hate him, kill him…

(Act Two: Praise Her) - The Noumenon

Hymn to Thee:
Aporia il e denblaha
Aporia sah e denblama
Mas en vuj otrio vastenm
Mas en iftehn lodriann shir

Cktenddet vorsimen!
Cktenddet vorsimen!
Cktenddet vorsimen al!
Cktenddet vorsimen peg al!

One is Her nature, of three Her disguise
Three is Her nature, one Her disguise
Salvation meets the Omega

Praising upon in bowing scene
With heart detached, self surrendering
Rays of neon lights repelled

Accustomed Oneiros before Her hair
The age of youth it’s old so old

Para-morphosis exposed

The age is old so old to cry
Thus smiles upon where She dies
Meta-morphosis denotes

Momentum three times evoked
Losing it, finding it, losing it again

Salvation removes the Omega

Hymn to Thee:
Aporia il e denblaha
Aporia sah e denblama
Mas en vuj otrio vastenm
Mas en iftehn lodriann shir

Cktenddet vorsimen!
Cktenddet vorsimen!
Cktenddet vorsimen al!
Cktenddet vorsimen peg al!

(Act Three: Kill Her) –
The Existenz … Alas! Is no more

Thou art! Her dream of knot
Thou art! Her act of stop
Thou art! Her flesh is not
Thou art! Her horror dome
Thou art thrice better and She is three alone
Thou art before the rope …

Her crave is no more
For what was always I
A Fate to adore
The Fate of mine

Her promise is no more

For what is breathing … dying
A promise to adore
The Fate of mine
Her beauty is no more
For what is attracting … lying

A beauty to adore
The Fate of mine
Her fate is no more
No more Her fate dying
What I used to adore
Have the voice of mine
Perfect endless observances

Rays upon the bloody Throne

Beautiful, cynical, rewarding
Her humble smile

Aesthetically, asthmatic, gorgeous
Her death in processes divide

(Act Not: Epigios) – The Irreversible Predominance

A sacred spring forced Her to my spine
Once being not, I was not made to be

Shapeless flames forming fire
My spine becomes volcano
Lava erupts!

(Act Not: Apogios) - On Nature

Listen, and I will instruct thee—and thou, when thou hearest, shalt ponder—

What are the sole two paths of research that are open to thinking.

One path is: That Being doth be, and Non-Being is not:
This is the way of Conviction, for Truth follows hard in her footsteps.
Th’ other path is: That Being is not, and Non-Being must be;
This one, I tell thee in truth, is an all-incredible pathway.
For thou never canst know what is not (for none can conceive it)
Nor canst thou give it expression, for one thing are Thinking and Being.
...And to me ‘tis indifferent
Whence I begin, for thither again thou shalt find me returning.
Track Name: Vacantfield - Lachesis
Κῆρες γὰρ αἱ θανατηφόροι μοῖραι.

What necessity brought me these

Those linear species of human deeds,

What knuckle dreams those vermin's dream

In obscene chords that lie beneath?

Shall I measure the thread of life 

With my spinal rod?

Shall I bless you with plague?

And at equal intervals
In each of the thrones,

Shall I bless you with words

That you'll envy their meaning?

It begins another season 

That end will be death.

Would you not choose the daemon,

Drawn first?

Virtue is not dominated

The contempt will show...

Harvester risen

Lachesis risen

Universe is the shaft

Harvester risen

Lachesis risen

The reason is corrupted, 

World without end

World without end

Chaos craft 
In the first glowing light

Logos provoked this madness

This temple of sodom in collateral needs

Past present and future flow

As soil aerated, 

For fire came breathing


Thousand sparks stride among you

And bear the thought,

Of life's uncertain decree

For her words,

Snare she shuns

Of those with humble harmonies

Spin again and again

The weft is large,

And bliss for fortune dreamers?

It looked so dim and dull

And the cracked muse,

Stares till set of sun

When dawns the light uncertain...

Revealed will be,

And I shall answer...

The lanterns...

Those valorous puppets... 

"Like dust of stars show no more"

A cynic piece
In a rotten needle

Lachesis risen
Track Name: End - Atropos
Eternally swirls the thread

Growing and weaving

Cutting and killing

Anaplasia of all energy 

Genesis till cremation

That spawns through chaos

And the copulation of Nyx

When time takes shape

And reaches human grounds

The thread takes form and coils

In the worm womb of creation

Flirting with danger

Flirting with collapse

And the razors of transition

The hub pushes with all power 

The continuum of life unfolds

And passes the thread

To where it must go

Process, formation, demiurge

And here you lay before the earth

Invoked to live a life till death

Never asking why 

Staring at the sandglass till you die


By the worn will 

By the tainted living

By the torn souls

And the wasted minds

No gift should be abused

This thin spine of cloth needs to be cut

Latter end

By the time that ends

And the melting flesh 

Deprive what is given

The peak of fear

The undesirable

Softens your subconscious

With the sharp pain of loss

And the wasted time

No longer can be used

This thin spine of cloth needs to be cut

Suddenly, she appears

And sharp is she

Like the teeth of the round serpent


She cuts the thread of life

Riveting and unexpected...

Tidal screams

In a moment

Time becomes a moment

In instant delirium

And as all chains rattle

To enslave the sun

To illuminate the spirit

They call you death

And i call you

The beginning

Between the scissors

The sharp teeth and the tail

Souls she unbind


Between the scissors 

The share is always fair

Daughter of night


They call you death

And i call you Atropos

The beginning